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  • FEATURED: Keith Shenton Harris, Age 67, 1947 – 2015, Blackpool, United Kingdom Read More...
  • FEATURED: Jack Chapman, Age 94, 1919 – 2014, Bristol, United Kingdom Read More...
  • FEATURED: Mark Williams, Age 41, 1973 – 2014, Ayelsbury, United Kingdom Read More...
  • FEATURED: Richard Toeman, Age 71, 1933 – 2005, Frankfurt, Germany Read More...

Famously Remembered

Keith Shenton Harris

Blackpool, United Kingdom

Orville the Duck puppet sits in the corner and mourns the loss of his dearest friend. Keith Harris, acclaimed for his ventriloquist talent and development of one of Britain´s most loved puppets, died at the age of 67 of cancer, a fight that finally took the best of him. A successful comic, an imaginative soul […]

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Ricard "Richie" Benaud

One of the worlds’s most respected commentators

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Lee Kuan Yew

The Wiseman of the East

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Christopher James Hardman

He was the sunshine on a rainy day

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Recently Posted

Adam Edgar

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Charles ('Charlie') Harris

In a league of his own

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Donna Cynthia Ferguson

Music was the rhythm of her life

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Irene White (nee McRobbin)

She was a kind, loving and generous person

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Michael Henry

A truly unique individual

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“The world is a fine place and worth the fighting for and I hate very much to leave it.”
Ernest Hemingway

Lady Lucy French on

Lady Lucy French, great granddaughter of the 1st Earl of Ypres

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Seeing my grandfather's obituary online brought my Grandmother to tears. Knowing his legacy will last forever feels like the greatest reward we could have given him.

- Julie Cockram on her Grandfather

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To have a place to remember my dad is more than words can describe.

-Annabel Staff on her father

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